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Printhead cleaning for ceramic digital printers

Bluenco operates a cleaning service for all types of heads in inkjet printers (Xaar, Seiko, Dimatix).


The service includes a first phase of preventive analysis of the head:

- Print image of the initial curtain while shooting with cleaning fluid
- Print test with ink tester and evaluation of the degree of dripping of the nozzles
- Preventive analysis report


The second phase instead regards the actual complete head cleaning and is divided into:
- Preventive analysis of the initial state of the head
- Vacuum cleaning cycle
- Light wash cycle
- Possible subsequent wash cycles

At the end of each wash cycle the relative prints of the curtain and the chart will be performed to assess the degree of cleanliness achieved
- Cleaning report in electronic and paper format
Sharing of the result and evaluation of any further cleaning cycles


The heads are then sealed and repackaged before being returned to the customer along with their reports showing the comparison between the head taken over and the one returned in optimal situations.

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